The core of any bullet-resistant barrier system in any customer service environment, our bulletproof systems offer you a broad array of options with which to create a secure, functional interface between staff and patrons at the counter level and above. You’ll find products that integrate seamlessly into your service environment, nearly invisible to customers while establishing a subtle deterrent to thieves.

Seamless Security.

As the demand for bullet-resistant barriers grow, many architects face the challenge of integrating the level of building protection clients require into the scope of their design. Total Security Solutions recognizes there is no “one size fits all” solution and offers custom bulletproof barriers to seamlessly incorporate Level 1-3 bullet-resistant security . Whether it be new construction or retrofit/renovation, our custom security solutions are tailored to fit your unique needs.

As part of Total Security Solutions’ commitment to customer service, the Resources & Planning Tools section enables architects, contractors, and other industries interested in bullet-resistant barriers to easily view and download product images, detailed spec information, as well as CAD drawings.

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Architectural Specifications

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