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Given the cost and complexity of installing bullet proof materials, replacing every school door or window is not a viable option for most schools. Securing every school door and window with bullet resistant material would cost a million dollars or more for each school.

The most cost-effective and sensible solution for most schools is to secure the main entryway by installing a bullet resistant barrier that complements the other security measures being taken at the school.

Total Security Solutions has made it a priority to educate people who are looking to retrofit their school entryways and help them avoid the complications that inevitably arise when a less-experienced company installs ballistic glass without understanding the impact these modifications have on existing structures.


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Getting Started: Retrofitting a School with a Bulletproof Barrier

With summer break underway, now is the time that many schools make improvements to their building. Structural improvements can include anything from painting to upgrading the school’s pool. These days though, in the wake of recent school shootings, many school administrators and security liaisons are installing bullet resistant barriers as part of their summer upgrade plan. [...]

Talking with Schools About Bullet Resistant Glass Security

“No one really wants to think about needing a bullet resistant door in a school,” Eric Malzahn sighs.  Eric is a project manger with Total Security Solutions, and often finds himself talking to architects who go pale at the mention of bullet proof school security–even when their clients are the ones raising the issue. It’s [...]

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