Architects and Contractors: Bulletproof Glass Installation is Finish Work

Ballistic glass stops bullets, but it’s not absolutely impervious to damage–especially during installation. If installed too early, you run the risk of the ballistic glazing and aluminum frames getting scratched, dinged, or discolored by chemicals. Unlike conventional glass windows, you can’t scrape paint off of a bulletproof window or wipe it down with Windex (For that matter, you should NEVER USE WINDEX ON BULLET RESISTANT GLAZING!)

No one wants their new construction looking beat up before it’s even finished, and no one is happy replacing an expensive bullet resistant window because a painter was clumsy with his ladder. That’s why the bullet resistant system should be installed last, if at all possible.

Bulletproof Glass Installation is Finish Work

This can be confusing, since the bulletproof designers have likely been involved in the planning process from day one, and the ballistic barrier itself is so tightly integrated into the structure. There’s a tendency to want to install the transaction windows immediately after building the reception desk. That’s a mistake.

The components of a bullet resistant barrier system arrive as finished goods: The ballistic acrylic has been precision cut, machined, and flame-polished. The bulletproof doors and counters are fully veneered. All the framing elements have been polished, powder coated, or painted to your specifications. This is why the bulletproof system installers need to come in at the end of construction.

“It’s like how carpet comes in last,” Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains.  “You wouldn’t lay the carpet first, and then tape, mud, sand, and paint the drywall. That’s a recipe for disaster.”

In this video, Jim discusses the significance of bulletproof glass installation as finish work:

Bulletproof Glass Can Be Installed Overnight

Even well-planned projects run behind schedule. Often contractors simply presume that everyone will be a week late–so the timely arrival of the bulletproof system can take them by surprise, and create a less-than-ideal installation situation.

You can avoid these installation log jams by actively communicating with your bulletproof designers throughout construction. Let them know if the schedule is bogging down. Then you can work together to find the best installation schedule.

This may seem risky to contractors accustomed to everyone showing up a week late and taking three days longer than they estimate. But Total Security Solutions has a reputation for being there on time with everything they need to get the job done on the spot. Most Total Security Solutions installations can be completed overnight. Contractors can count on Total Security Solutions to meet deadlines and exceed expectations, as well as delivering a finished project that will make customers happy.

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