Architectural Considerations For Your Bullet-Resistant Barrier System After A Natural Disaster

Being directly affected by a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy can be extremely devastating for those caught within the impact zone. After the storm subsides, communities are left to pick up and rebuild. If you’re a small business owner, that can also mean picking up the pieces of your business as well.

Verify the integrity of your existing bulletproof security barriers

If your building contained bullet proof glass or bullet resistant barriers prior to the natural disaster, it’s very possible that the integrity of your system was compromised. For example, flooding or high winds can cause buildings to shift on their foundations, which can affect the structural integrity of a custom security barrier. Bulletproof glass that has been chipped or cracked by a projectile during the storm will be more prone to breakage and should be replaced.

If your bulletproof glass or bullet resistant security barrier was impacted in any way, it is imperative to work with an architect and a qualified bullet resistant barrier company like Total Security Solutions to evaluate your damaged system and verify what your next steps should be.

Rebuild your business with security & safety in mind

One glimmer of hope when facing the uphill battle of recovery is that you may be able to upgrade your building to be stronger, more secure, and more likely to withstand a future natural disaster. While it doesn’t help lessen the blow, our government has plenty of information available on natural disaster recovery efforts. After speaking with your insurance agent, this is a good place to start your recovery research.

If you’re viewing the unexpected need to rebuild in a positive light, don’t forget to consider these questions when evaluating the security needs of your renovated space:

  • Do you work in a bank, jeweler, convenience store, or other business where money changes hands throughout the day?  If so, this might be a good time to design a custom security barrier to protect your employees and deter criminal activity.
  • Do you work in a school, municipal building, or other government facility? Including a security barrier at key entrances or public interaction points may make sense for the protection of the building’s occupants.
  • Does it make sense to install bulletproof glass installed in exterior windows of your business? In addition to crime prevention, bulletproof glass can provide protection from projectiles carried in high winds, which can in turn prevent damage to the interior of your business.

Remember, it’s a lot easier to include a security barrier when you’re designing and constructing a new space than it is to retrofit it later!

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