Caring for your Bullet Proof Glass

Cleaning and maintaining abrasion resistant or uncoated bullet proof acrylic.

DUSTING: Dust bullet resistant acrylic with a soft cloth or chamois, wiping gently. NO paper towels.

WASHING: Wash bullet resistant glass with a mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water solution. Use a clean soft cloth or natural sponge and as much solution as possible. Rinse well. Dry by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois. Grease and oil are best with hexans, kerosene or aliphatic naptha. AROMATIC COMPOUNDS MUST NOT BE USED.

ANTI-STATIC COATING:  The anti-static coating on bullet proof acrylic successfully prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charge. Between applications of the anti-static coating, bullet resistant glass only needs to be dusted with a soft damp cloth or chamois. Mild detergents (for example 1% Joy in water) provide good anti–static properties while serving as excellent cleaners for bullet proof acrylic.
bulletproof barrier

POLISHING: After cleaning and polishing, the bullet resistant acrylic may be waxed with a good grade of commercial wax. Waxing will improve the appearance of the bullet proof glass by filling in minor scratches. The wax should be applied in a thin even coat and brought to high gloss by rubbing lightly with a soft dry cloth.

SCRATCH REMOVAL (for uncoated bullet proof glass): Most minor scratches can be removed by hand polishing. The polish should be applied with damp pads of soft cotton flannel and rubbed parallel to the scratch in a straight back and forth motion. Excessive rubbing at one point should be avoided. Electric buffers should not be used; they will form depressions in the surface of the bullet resistant acrylic causing optical distortions.


  • Window cleaning fluids
  • Scouring compounds
  • Gritty cloths
  • Leaded or ethyl gasolines
  • Strong solvents such as alcohol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, lacquer thinners, Windex, etc.

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