Custom Steel For Affordable Bullet Proof Doors

Although Total Security Solutions can furnish a wide selection of bullet proof doors, vice president Jim Richards has found that nothing is as enduringly popular as their steel doors. It’s easy to see why: These doors are within the price range of any customer in the market for bullet proof security, look imposing, and wear remarkably well–apart from fingerprints and stickers, a bullet proof steel door that’s been in place for a decade will look almost as good as it did the day it shipped.


Each door is custom fabricated from 14-gauge steel, with all cuts made on a state-of-the-art precision water-jet cutter. Other fabricators do this with a plasma cutter, but the heat of such torches discolors the steel and leaves rough edges. Even worse, in the hands of an inattentive welder the heat of the plasma cutter can damage the structural integrity of the steel, compromising one aspect of the bullet resistant barrier. Likewise, since every welded joint is a potential failure point, Total Security Solutions minimizes cuts, instead forming the door itself by bending the steel with an industrial press break.

Bullet Proof Steel Door

Bullet Proof Steel Door

Although Jim finds that the bulk of his customers want doors in just a few sizes and configurations, each door is still handmade by a skilled tradesmen. Doors can thus be customized to suit the specific application–and that “customization: goes well beyond choosing the paint color (although Total Security Solutions regularly ships doors in any hue, as well as primer grey, or sparkling stainless-steel cladding). Total Security Solutions can readily fabricate doors in almost any size, with any sort of window (even operable transaction windows), or peepholes, view scopes, or overhead transoms. Heavy-duty continuous hinges, pneumatic door closers, high-security lock sets, and anti-jimmy plates are standard, but steel bullet proof doors can easily accommodate keyless entry systems or “buzz thru” electric strike plates.


Bullet proof doors frames are generally custom made as well, from either 16 gauge bullet proof steel or UL-rated ballistic aluminum. But many cost-conscious customers with lower risk profiles prefer a less-expensive, non-rated prefabricated aluminum frame. These are not themselves bullet resistant, but in many applications a bullet resistant door frame is redundant: The door is bullet proof, and is being installed in a wall that has been reinforced with bullet resistant fiberglass panels. That said, should an installation ultimately call for a bullet resistant door frame (as is occasionally the case when adding a bullet proof system to an existing structure), don’t fret: If the situation doesn’t warrant the increased cost of fabricating a whole new ballistic frame, Total Security Solutions can pack an affordable non-rated aluminum frame with strips of bullet resistant fiberglass paneling, or even fill it with poured concrete in order to guarantee the integrity of the bullet resistant system.

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