Custom Bulletproof Glass: A Luxe Look for Pawn Shops

Pawn shops, once known as the market for low-income credit, are attracting high-end clients. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are increasingly making use of the pawn industry’s non-recourse, collateral-based loans when conventional banks prove too cumbersome. These types of customers can be big business for pawn shops—but only if the shops can attract that type of clientele. A bulletproof system from Total Security Solutions doesn’t just stop bullets: A well-designed system brings a luxury look that will attract and impress high-end customers.

Safety and Security Are Key to Retaining Pawn Shop Customers

Pawn shops have always been a target for theft because of the cash and valuables on site. Bullet resistant barriers provide protection for personnel and valuables, making properly-outfitted pawn shops a less inviting target. Operating a secure pawn shop will help strengthen relationships with nearby businesses and residents, who do not want a shop in their neighborhood that is going to attract crime.  In order to be inviting, a high-end pawn shop needs natural light and tasteful decor. Middle- and upper-income clients prefer to walk in and never notice that the glass, wood, and metal is actually part of a carefully crafted bullet-resistant system.

A High-End Look Attracts High-End Pawn Customers

Jim Richards, vice president of Total Security Solutions, knows what pawn shop customers are looking for in bullet-resistant systems. “This isn’t Fort Knox; we’re giving you something aesthetically pleasing.” His bulletproof glass systems protect staff and inventory while maintaining a classy look and effortlessly transmitting sound, so customers and employees can easily communicate. As urban neighborhoods gentrify, pawn shops can enhance their status with discrete bulletproof glass and bullet-resistant barriers—much as banks and jewelers have.

A high-end look crafted from wood, steel, aluminum, and crystal-clear acrylic can meet any security need. While most retailers are satisfied with UL Level 3 protection—which stops multiple .44 Magnum rounds—Total Security Solutions will design and install custom systems independently tested up to UL Level 8 (capable of stopping handguns, high-powered rifles, and bursts from assault weapons).

Every Bullet-Resistant System is a Custom System at Total Security Solutions

Custom is standard at Total Security Solutions. We recognize that every customer and every project has unique needs, and we work hard to deliver a customized bullet-resistant system that is competitively priced.

We work with you to:

  • accurately assess your bullet-resistant security needs
  • design a multi-material system that meets those needs
  • craft a bullet-resistant system that integrates with your shop’s decor

The care we take in design and manufacturing ensures that installation is quick and easy. In most cases, your ballistic barrier can be installed in one evening, with no disruption to daily business.

Whether you are planning new construction or a retrofit for your pawn shop, our bulletproof barrier consultants will help you through the process to avoid costly mistakes. Request your free bulletproof design consultation today.

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