Mobile Ballistic Barriers: A Flexible Solution for Safety and Security Professionals

Safety professionals (both public and private) and security planners (especially state and local homeland security planners) are presented with very diverse scenarios: Parades, marathons, sporting events, permitted demonstrations, spontaneous demonstrations, local business events, international conferences, political rallies, preparing a hotel for visiting dignitaries, or securing temporary offices for a controversial political figure.  You need flexible solutions that can be stored, transported, and put in place with minimal fuss—and without driving lag bolts into someone else’s walls and concrete.

This was an engineering challenge that Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards was eager to overcome.  “For those cases, we’ve developed a mobile barrier solution,” Jim explains. “We’ve done a number of these for the Navy, who’ve really liked the design, and so we’re really confident that it can serve a much wider audience.”

Total Security Solutions’ custom mobile barriers offer a great deal of flexibility: They significantly heighten security, can be custom fabricated from a mix of transparent and opaque materials, and can be quickly broken down and moved to a new location.  bulletproof barrier

Significant Increase Physical Security with Mobile Ballistic Barriers

These mobile ballistic barriers—which are favored by military and government organizations who need to harden temporary office space—are most often built to Level 3 security (capable of stopping at least three shots from a .44 Magnum or other high-powered handgun)

Bullet Resistant Systems that Satisfy Government Clients

A typical mobile barrier

End-users occasionally worry that a bullet resistant system specced to stop handgun rounds might be insufficient.  A lifetime of action films and several years of disturbing headlines and primetime news-bites have left most Americans with the impression that every crime in this country is committed with an assault rifle.  This is far from the case, and a Level 3 TSS mobile barrier system  is almost always the best choice, especially in balancing security against cost and convenience—even in military applications. Watch a  TSS Level 3 door easily absorb 100 bullets from a variety of handguns and tactical rifles:

In addition to increasing ballistic security, these barriers significantly increase the physical security of a space or event:  At roughly 500 pounds per panel, a well-anchored mobile barrier offers excellent crowd-control, and will even successfully redirect many blasts and thwart improvised antipersonnel and fragmentation-generating devices.

Mobile Barrier Customization: Site-Specific and General Use

“You have a lot of options with these barriers—not just size and security level, but also materials, finishes, and performance.” Jim says, “Every barrier is a custom system, built to fit your needs.  You can optimize for cost, for weight, for ease-of-setup and transport, or for how imposing or inviting the barrier needs to look.  We can even match existing look-and-feel—wood paneling, framing—so the temporary barrier meshes with the rest of the building.”

Despite their weight and bulk, TSS mobile barriers are engineered for easy staging:  “It takes about an hour per barrier to set up, depending on the size,” Jim notes.  “It’s really not that different from setting up office cubicles” and can be handled by existing facilities staff or volunteers.

Since these can be secured in place with minimal impact to the structure itself, these mobile bullet resistant barriers are a great option for temporary and leased spaces—in fact, they were originally developed for leased recruiting offices, where the property owner was hesitant to commit to a more permanent installation.

“That was the use case here from the start: A bullet resistant barrier that can be rock-steady when it’s in place, but gone without a trace when you move on.”

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