New Bullet Proof Speak Thru Windows for Natural Voice Transmission

Total Security Solutions recently added a new accessory to its line of bullet proof products – the TSS-MK1 Talk Thru. Promoting natural voice transmission through the use of evenly spaced louvers, the TSS-MK1 Talk Thru is made of stainless steel and has a 6” diameter. It is designed to fit bullet resistant glass that is .25” to 1.875” thick and provides up to Level 3 security according to the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) bullet resistant materials rating system.

The TSS-MK1 Talk Thru can be integrated into a variety of bullet proof barriers in which voice communication is important, such as bullet resistant transaction windows or bullet proof walk-up windows commonly found in banks or convenience stores.

Due to Total Security Solutions’ in-house manufacturing capabilities, the TSS-MK1 Talk Thru is available at a siginificantly reduced cost in comparison to other similar bullet proof products. To order the TSS-MK1 Talk Thru, call 1-800-513-1468 or email

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