Prefabricated and Custom Package Receivers

If you’re handling anything beyond slips of paper–cash, credit card receipts, concert tickets, etc.–you’re going to have to move up from the  “deal trays” familiar from banks, credit unions, and entertainment venues, to full-fledged “package receivers.”


The smallest package receivers are “transaction drawers” welded from stainless steal, these slide through the bullet resistant barrier.  Prefabricated drawers are available in sizes ranging from a large shoebox to drawers that can easily accommodate a gallon jug.  Settings where clerks and customers handle a few bulkier items–such as in pharmacies and convenience stores–are well served by these prefab drawers.



Other businesses–such as post offices, shipping companies, and large receiving offices–can expect to spend much of the day handling bulkier packages.  This calls for a full-fledged package receiver.  These large rectangular bullet-resistant portals have interlocking doors, one on either side of the bullet-resistant barrier.  The interlocking mechanism assures that only one of the doors can be open at a time.  Such receivers are generally made from either welded stainless steel or 1 1/4 inch thick acrylic.  For even larger and heavier items businesses can opt for a prefabricated rotary package receiver, or “lazy susan.”  These largest package receivers (up to four cubic feet) use a rotating drum or turntable to securely pass goods between staff and visitors.


High volume businesses dealing with many large or awkward items often decide that no prefabricated unit is going to cut it.  Total Security Solutions rises to these occasions, from the exotic to the mundane.

Fast-food restaurants in high-crime areas pose a special challenge.  As Total Security Solutions vice president Jim Richards points out, “They’ve got to be able to do their business, and it’s fast food, so the bullet proof system can’t be slowing them down.”  Quick-serve restaurants demand package receivers that can be easily operated by harried staff, and offer the capacity to transfer a food tray or chicken bucket smoothly enough to avoid knocking over the super-sized beverage.

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