Rotary Package Passers: Convenience and Efficiency

Retail counter space is always at a premium. This is especially true in a small shop, where the front counter isn’t just the point of transaction, but also the place where the shopkeeper keeps up to date on purchasing patterns and the customer experience. On top of all this, the front counter is the last opportunity to pad out narrow profit margins with seasonal and impulse purchases (many of which are themselves relatively high margin items, even at their low price).

But in neighborhoods with an elevated risk of armed robbery, the front counter point-of-sale is also the area most in need of ballistic security.


Large package passers have long been standard in many 24-hour convenience stores. How else are you going to maintain bullet proof security while still being able to scan and bag gallons of milk, cases of beer, and 36-packs of diapers? But security comes at a cost: Traditional interlocking package passers (like that shown in the video below) have large swinging doors, which eat up far too much precious counter space.

The solution is the modern rotary package passer, which maintains–and even exceeds–the capacity of the traditional interlocking passer without sacrificing nearly as much display and transaction space.


Crank-operated cylindrical passers offer Level 1 through 3 bullet proof security at a reasonable price. A circular profile maximizes volume while minimizing the unit’s footprint. The interior ballistic glass window allows cashiers to maintain their connection with customers throughout the entire transaction without compromising security. Although the 18-inch by 20-inch model is the most popular, Total Security Solutions can customize these units to suit many different countertop configurations, ballistic security systems, and business models.


“Lazy susan” style package passers are both less cumbersome to operate and easier to integrate into the widest array of businesses and settings. Their smooth-rolling turntables are optimized for high-traffic applications–not just convenience stores, but also busy pharmacies and quick-serve restaurants. Crank-free operation makes these the least space-consuming package passers on the market, especially considering their large capacity. Since each lazy susan package passer is custom built on-site by Total Security Solutions, the design can be adapted to almost any size and to protect against almost any threat-level, from common 9mm pistols to high-powered rifles–even fully-automatic assault weapons.

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