Security Considerations For Healthcare Workers

TSS has always been focused on providing security solutions to better protect our frontline healthcare workers. Currently, the most immediate threat to their safety is exposure to COVID-19 as they work to save lives around the country.

Now more than ever, we at TSS would like to express our continued gratitude and support for doctors, nurses, administrators, receptionists, clerks, hospital facilities and security personnel – and anyone else who makes it possible for all of us to receive care.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we created two brand new products, designed with slowing the spread of coronavirus in mind. These new products, VirusGuard™ – Fixed Barrier System and VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier, each have unique uses that provide different benefits to those in essential industries.

  • VirusGuard™ – Fixed Barrier System is an immobile system that can be customized to fit most commercial uniform counter spaces and creates a translucent barrier between employees and the general public they serve, helping to prevent the spread of germs.
  • VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier is a self-stabilizing, completely mobile barrier system. It also provides a translucent barrier but does not require professional installation and can be used at various work stations throughout the day, wherever it is most needed.

VirusGuard Fixed Barrier

Long before today’s pandemic, healthcare workers faced targeted workplace violence at alarming rates. According to OSHA, about 10% of all workplace injuries are assaults—and roughly 75% of all workplace assaults are suffered by healthcare workers. Many hospital systems were focused on preventing and responding to things like active shooter events and domestic terrorism, along with the perennial threat of violent visitors and patients.

They continued to upgrade their safety tactics with staff training and new physical security measures such as wireless panic buttons, surveillance cameras, metal detectors, bulletproofing, and armed personnel.

The future of hospital security will likely be impacted by the events unfolding right now, as well as previous trends in violence against healthcare workers.

While our bulletproof or bullet resistant glass barriers double as sneeze guards, they can take longer to manufacture and ship. The VirusGuard products are non-bulletproof options which allows for expedited manufacturing and delivery. These products were created to fill the current – and often immediate – need for an added layer of protection between healthcare workers and the public. They offer quick and effective solutions but those in the healthcare industry should also consider the long-term needs of their facilities.

As we try to anticipate what’s next, let’s take a look at where we’ve been. Here is a roundup of our best articles about the “everyday” threats that healthcare workers encountered, and will likely still encounter, post-pandemic.


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You Can Count On Us

We know that caring for and keeping your patients and their families safe is your top priority. The team at TSS stands ready to support you with consultative advice on the best ways to improve your physical security, whether that’s through bulletproof options or one of our new VirusGuard™ products.

Even in the most trying times, we are open for business and can be where you need us as soon as you need us. We can design, fabricate and install VirusGuard or other customized bulletproof barrier systems for hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmacies and outpatient locations. We’re able to work with your specific security challenges, aesthetic requirements, budget and timeline.

Get in touch with a bulletproof expert to get started.

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