Stainless steel + Bulletproof = No Problem!

When Jim Kirby of Custom Metal Products needed stainless steel deal trays for his customer to supply for a police training facility, he turned to Total Security Solutions for help.

Custom Metal Products is dedicated to offering the fastest available lead times and the absolute best quality in custom metal doors and frames, supported by a customer service team that is committed to satisfaction. The company takes pride in its work
and chooses its partners carefully, based on the quality of work they can deliver.

Total Security Solutions didn’t disappoint: Not only were the deal trays delivered on time and on budget, they were made with the highest quality craftsmanship. Total Security Solutions manufactured the deal trays smaller than the originally specified request – a size smaller than Total Security Solutions’ minimum size — and the company fabricated them at no extra charge.

“Total Security Solutions went above and beyond,” said Kirby. “They delivered custom trays, even though the original specifications were for a standard product. They met the quoted price and the timeline.”

Fabricating a stainless steel deal tray is tricky business. It requires precision welding that won’t blemish the metal, using stainless steel for a deal tray complicates the process: by having to blend the grains in the steel at the miters.

“Our client was extremely happy with the finished product,” Kirby added. “I heard at least three times from one of our in house engineers how beautiful they were. I’ve been working with this engineer for six years, we’ve seen a lot of metal, it’s the first time he’s ever described a product this way. The deal trays completely met their needs.”

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