How Strong Is the Strongest Bulletproof Glass?

Level 10 bulletproof glass is the strongest level of bulletproof glass according to the UL 752 standard for bulletproofing. This level of bulletproofing is able to stop a single .50 cal round fired from a high-powered rifle. These rifles are uncommon in daily life and commercial demand for this level of protection is rare. So, while the UL 752 technically has 10 levels of bullet-resistance, only Levels 1 through 8 are commercially available. 

The strongest bulletproof glass used in typical commercial construction is UL 752 Level 8. Typically, this product is made using glass-clad polycarbonate glazing and is strong enough to stop five, closely-spaced shots from an 7.62mm rifle from a distance of 15 feet. In other words, it’s an incredibly protective product.

How the Strongest Bulletproof Glass Is Made

There are different types of bulletproof glass, which have different protection levels and different manufacturing processes

Level 8 glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP) is made by combining pieces of glass, interlayers, and polycarbonate. After these materials are layered together, they are pressure-sealed and heated to fuse the materials together and give the product its signature strength. So, when a bullet hits GCP, the glass and polycarbonate layers imped and the sticky interlayers grab the bullet to prevent it from penetrating the glass. 

The final product is up to 2.5 inches thick and weighs more than 26 pounds per square foot. This is about three times the weight of a piece of well-insulated, non-bulletproof glass. A product this heavy requires additional considerations from a structural standpoint, since a sagging window frame can create a new vulnerability to ballistic assault. However, when you choose TSS as your ballistic barrier provider, we can help you engineer your entire system to be structurally sound.

How Does Total Security Solutions Measure Level 8 Bulletproof Glass Performance?

We make sure our ballistic glazing is proven through rigorous testing. The UL 752, an industry standard for measuring bullet-resistance, outlines clear parameters for each level of protection. Our bulletproof barriers are tested to this standard. 

Our goal is for our customers to feel confident that any staff or visitors in their facility are safe and secure. Watch our bulletproof glass testing video here to learn more about our process. 

Is Level 8 Bulletproof Glass the Right Level of Protection for You?

Every year, countless customers approach us about installing Level 8 glass in their facility. Most of the time, their projects are completed using a lower UL level. Why? Because a lower UL level matched their threat level. For example, the most common gun used in robberies is a 9mm handgun. So, the average convenience store may only need a Level 1 or Level 3 bulletproof system. Plus, any level of visible barriers can act as a deterrent, often preventing crime before it occurs.  

So, while you may have a specific need to stop shots from a 7.62mm rifle, it’s always best to discuss your needs in depth with a member of our team before making a purchase decision. Level 8 bulletproof glass is more costly, much heavier, and requires stronger structural elements during construction. For many organizations seeking the security of ballistic barriers, Level 8 glass does not align with their threat assessment and budget. 

If a high level of ballistic protection is something you do need, we want to help make sure you’re making the right choice. Whether you need to protect against handguns, hunting rifles, or something else, our team can help you make a choice that helps keep your workers and your facility safe. 

TSS Designs Custom Bulletproof Solutions That Make Sense for Your Situation

Every organization’s threat assessment and security needs are different. Geographical area, type of building or business, local demographics, and other nuanced factors can all play a part in your threat assessment. You may need to secure only a portion of your building, or you may need both external and internal ballistic barrier systems. You may be securing brand new construction, or retrofitting an existing structure.

The strongest bulletproof glass can only stop bullets that hit the glass, but a comprehensive bulletproof system can save your life. Total Security Solutions understands comprehensive security, and can provide in-depth, personalized recommendations for ballistic barriers and systems. Talk to one of our ballistic security experts to see what level of bulletproof glass we recommend and learn more about the components of a proven bullet-resistant system. We look forward to learning more about your security needs!


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