Teaming Up with TSS for Bulletproof Glass Installation

Many glaziers are hesitant to work with a national bulletproof glass specialist like Total Security Solutions.  Part of this may just be a matter of attitude: Why partner with a specialist?  Glazing is glazing.  But for others, calling someone like Total Security Solutions feels a little too much like swimming with sharks.

“They’re worried that we want to take their customers,” Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains.  “I totally understand where they’re coming from. But, honestly, we have no interest in that.”

For someone like Jim, partnering with a local glazier is a total win-win: He gets to focus on the things he and his team excel at — engineering and fabricating complete bullet resistant barrier systems tested to UL standard levels 1-8 — freeing the glaziers to focus on their strengths: Flawless installations, and nurturing their relationships with clients and contractors.  “They take care of all of that, and we focus where we shine, making it easy for them to look really good.”

Glaziers Excel when They Play to Their Strengths

It’s true that most glaziers have access to the basic skills and tools needed to work with many bullet-resistant materials.  But doing it solo is going to cost them time and money, and create headaches as they sort out details and run into the inevitable obstacles that come with working your way through an unfamiliar process.  Slapping up some bulletproof glass is not the same as engineering an integrated, UL-rated system. Each component of Total Security Solutions systems (the door, window framing, cash tray, DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber wall reinforcement, etc.) is built with materials tested to UL levels 1-8 requirements.

Total Security Solutions has built its entire business around precision manufacturing, custom design, and bullet-resistant products.  To produce a high-quality, high-precision product, Total Security Solutions works from measurements taken to 1/16 of an inch all around the install area.  Individual pieces are fabricated using computer-controlled cutters and routers, such as the Techni Waterjet Intec i510, which can repeatedly cut perfectly matched pieces from materials up to 6” thick.

“We do this every day,” Jim points out.  “We have economy of scale, the skills, the equipment, and are already in place to get the best prices on materials.  And we’re not just fabricating doors and windows; we’re doing all the engineering for a complete, integrated barrier, so the local glazier doesn’t have to figure that out. We’re really sending them a pre-fabricated kit, ready to install.”  These kits arrive on time, on a single pallet, with detailed instructions and support from Total Security Solutions.  Installation of Total Security Solutions products is quick–often overnight–and uneventful, making glaziers look good.

A Bulletproof Partnership for Glaziers and Total Security Solutions

Glaziers’ strength lies in their relationships with customers and physical presence in their region.  Contractors and clients like a familiar face, and want to reach out to a reliable glazier they’ve worked with in the past.

When a local glazier thrives, so does Total Security Solutions.  Glass houses that hit a home run installing a TSS system are eager to expand into security-conscious markets in their areas.  And once potential clients see a Total Security Solutions system, they aren’t going to want to settle for something less.

In the end, Total Security Solutions and glaziers both do their best when they work together and complement each other’s strengths.  “It’s a win-win,” Jim reiterates.  “Immediately, they become credible as a bulletproof installer, and they see profits both from marking up the finished product and their labor.”  Total Security Solutions is among the best at manufacturing bulletproof glass and bullet resistant barriers–because we do it every day.

Contact Total Security Solutions today to learn how we can help your glass house grow its business to include independently tested, ready-to-install bulletproof glass systems.


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