Teller Window Talk Thru Systems

For most customers, the entire banking experience is at the teller window. Here staff chat with customers while accepting documents, updating files, managing internal paperwork, and dispensing currency–all while keeping the line moving at a swift clip. The pleasantness of the customer’s experience hinges not on the ballistic glass, steel currency tray, or the bullet-resistant counter, but the voice transmission system.



The simplest and most flexible teller window talk thru system is a piece of bullet resistant acrylic bolted behind the talk hole in the teller window’s ballistic glass. This backer–fabricated from the same ballistic glass as the rest of the system–has a margin of at least two inches on all sides, assuring that an assailant cannot fire through the voice portal into the secured area. Such Natural Acrylic Talk Thru systems have many advantages: They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and provide a good balance of security with only a minor impact on clarity of communication. Although voices will be somewhat muffled, this hitch is mitigated by the fact that the transparent barrier lets tellers and customers maintain eye contact and see each others’ faces unobstructed.


Commonly available in Level 1 through 3 bullet resistance, such acrylic talk thru systems are custom fabricated for each installation. They can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can even be modified to provide up to full Level 8 bullet resistant security.


TSS MK1 Natural Voice Transmission Talk Thru

Natural Voice Transmission Talk through for Teller Windows

The Natural Acrylic Talk Thru system isn’t appropriate to noisy environments or an exterior teller window, as wind, rain, and pests can easily slide in around the backer. The stainless steel MK2 Talk Thru is a good entry level interior-exterior communication system for teller windows in high-traffic areas, or with some exposure to the elements. These units are fabricated by Total Security Solutions in their Fowlerville, MI facility from 1/4 stainless steel. A pair of six-inch-diameter perforated screens mount on either side of the teller window’s ballistic glass, and are secured by integrated bolts. Interior and exterior rubber grommets seated against the ballistic transparency seal out the elements and provided added security if the unit should need to absorb an impact. The small profile of the MK2 Talk Thru makes for an unobtrusive, high-security unit offering exceptional voice clarity and Level 3 security at a great price.



Some teller windows can expect to absorb brutal weather, fully exposed to the searing summer sun or the wind and rain of tempestuous winters. In that case, builders who want to maintain the advantages of natural speech transmission will want a slightly heartier communication system, like the MK1 Talk Thru. As with the MK2, this is a 6” diameter talk thru security grating, but the MK1 is made from custom-cast stainless steel. The rings, which are offset on the front and back plate, are not flat, but extend at an angle into the center of the unit. These steel baffles thus both deflect bullets and prevent fragments (be they from a shattered bullet or a thrown beer bottle)from ever entering the teller area. This Level 3 bullet-resistant unit includes an integrated 1/4 perforated-stainless steel stand-off for added bullet-resistance, and a thin, free-floating internal plastic film that locks out the elements–even drafts–with little muffling of tellers’ or customers’ voices. As with the MK2, interior and exterior rubber gaskets ensure weatherability and maximum safety.

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