Manufacturing Level 4 Bulletproof Glass

Total Security Solutions, the leading manufacturer and installer of bulletproof glass, recently began offering National Institute of Justice-rated Level 4 glass to its customers.  This top-rated bullet resistant glass product offers added security for Total Security Solutions’ retail, banking and government customers.

To pass the Level 4 test, bullet proof glass must stop a shot from a .30-06 hunting rifle.

“Customers come to us wanting a product that meets their security and aesthetic needs,” said Jim Richards, president, Total Security Solutions.  “Unlike our competitors, Total Security Solutions can deliver Level 4 protection in a custom product, such as a transaction window that includes a voice port.  This new product line is a result of recent investments in our manufacturing facility.”

Total Security Solutions’ Level 4 bulletproof glass is a 4-ply combination of glass and polycarbonate that can be manufactured 1-1/2” thick.  The framing system for the glass has a total extrusion of 3” x 5-1/2”.
Eight Levels bullet resistance

Bulletproof glass is tested by firing a bullet from a set distance in a set pattern. Levels of protection are based on the glass’ ability to stop a bullet traveling at a specific speed.

In the test environment, the sample is rigidly mounted 15 feet from the rifle muzzle with a 1/8” thick “witness plate” of corrugated cardboard positioned 18 inches behind it.  No marking, or impressions are allowed on the witness plate to achieve a pass rating.

Level 4 bulletproof glass provides ideal security for military bases, port of entry checkpoints, government facilities, embassies, and police stations.

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