Transaction Window Security: The Deal Tray

Deal TrayEven after countless visits to the bank, you’ve probably never given a second thought to the deal tray that makes the transaction possible.

The Bullet Proof Deal Tray

The single, seemingly seamless deal tray is either bolted to the existing counter, or recessed into it.  These deal trays are fabricated from sheets of 18 gauge bullet-resistant stainless steel, with welded joints that have been ground smooth. The entire unit is then treated with a brushed satin finish for durability and aesthetic appeal.

While many manufacturers make deal trays that will easily withstand shots from a 9mm, .44 Magnum, or .357 Magnum, letting bullets ricochet willy-nilly off of hardened steel is less than ideal in many environments.  Total Security Solutions is one of the few manufacturers offering a prefabricated recessed deal tray with an integrated bullet trap.  Here the bullet actually penetrates the tray itself, where it is caught and retained.  While other manufacturers choose to pack their deal trays with fiberglass in order to qualify for a certain UL rating, Total Security Solution’s bullet-trapping deal tray uses an interior steel plate with welded joints to catch bullets.

Custom Deal Trays

Total Security Solutions offers both standard and custom deal trays capable of stopping and catching multiple 9mm, .44 Magnum, or .357 Magnum bullets.  For example, TSS supplied stainless steal deal trays to Jim Kirby of Custom Metal Products for a police training facility.

“Total Security Solutions went above and beyond,” Kirby said, “They delivered custom trays, even though the original specifications were for a standard product. They met the quoted price and the time line. . . . Our client was extremely happy with the finished product.”

But what was most remarkable to Kirby was his own staff’s admiration for these trays: “I heard at least three times from one of our in house engineers how beautiful they were.”  Working this hard, stainless steal calls for care and precision craftsmanship.  The grain of the steel needs to be matched and blended at every welded joint.  If the welding gun is too hot, the steal will be discolored.  A lesser craftsman might build a serviceable tray, but it’ll certainly be ugly. “I’ve been working with this engineer for six years, we’ve seen a lot of metal, it’s the first time he’s ever described a product this way.”

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