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Schools should be a place of safety and learning. When you need to add a layer of ballistic protection to your campus, TSS has the bulletproof doors, windows, and panels you need to best protect your students and staff. 

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Our bulletproof school security products add a layer of protection to classrooms and university halls alike. Plus, they blend so seamlessly with the existing environment, you won’t even realize they’re ballistically-rated. 

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Your school needs a safety plan.

A recent study on school crime and safety reported that eighty-eight percent of public schools already have a written plan for procedures in the event of a shooting. Whether you’re facing a weather emergency, building fire, or other threat, you need firm plans in place to control access to your facilities, and protect your students and staff. You also need to communicate that plan clearly, and regularly to everyone in the building.


Need to bulletproof your school? Join our CEO Jim Richards and Integrator (and former school administrator) Christine Sermak as they take a practical look at a typical school building. Throughout this walkthrough, learn the best practices for adding proactive ballistic security to a school in real-life setting.


See some examples below of recent work we've done to help secure schools and universities.

Schools that have Alice Safety Training
Schools that employ safety officers
Schools with security cameras
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Bulletproof Barrier Experts

At Total Security Solutions, we design bulletproof solutions for schools that balance safety, cost, and student comfort. Our bullet-resistant doors and windows provide the highest level of protection while still feeling welcoming to students, faculty, and visitors.

We can retrofit a bulletproof barrier into your existing building, and we can install it quickly over breaks or summer months. Contact us to learn more about the ballistic features mostly commonly used in schools today.

1. Creating a Strong Safety Culture at Your School

The most effective campus safety programs foster good communication, and encourage every student and staff member to embrace safety awareness. Think about the policies you can put in place to support a strong safety culture.

Do students follow procedures to report suspicious behavior on campus or social media? Do students and faculty follow strict policies to prevent strangers from entering locked entryways? Are visitors required to check in at the main office before entering the building? Does your school have an on-site resource officer working closely with your administrators to provide security and prevent crime?

2. Training Faculty, Staff & Students for School Emergencies

The more comfortable your students and staff are with safety and lock-down procedures, the more prepared they’ll be in the event of a real emergency. For years, schools have conducted regular fire and weather emergency drills (tornados, hurricanes, etc.). But more and more, districts provide comprehensive active-shooter response training for teachers and administrative staff, as well as lock-down drills for students.

The ALICE Training Institute (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), for example, has trained more than 4,200 K through 12 school districts and 950 higher education institutions to effectively respond to active-shooter incidents.

3. Securing School Buildings with Better Access Control

While ninety-three percent of public schools have some form of controlled access to school buildings already in place, it's a good idea to regroup and assess whether your features are still effective.

Depending on your risk profile, you might want to upgrade things like video surveillance systems and identification card readers or consider adding school resource officers. By far, the most effective measure is a simple one – making sure all visitors to your school are channeled through a secured, single point of entry. By transforming your primary entrance into a secured, bulletproof vestibule, you can protect your school without straining your budget or disrupting other safety protocols you already have in place.

At Total Security Solutions, we design bulletproof solutions for schools that balance safety, cost, and student comfort. Our bullet-resistant doors and windows provide the highest level of school building safety while still feeling welcoming to students, faculty, and visitors.

Our services include:

  • Custom bulletproof component planning and fabrication
  • In-house engineering & design
  • UL-tested Level 3 & 4 aluminum frames
  • Full-service nationwide installation

4. Secure Your First Line of Defense: School Doors & Entryways

Creating a secure school environment doesn’t mean you have to replace all your windows and doors with bulletproof materials. The most cost-effective solution involves funneling all visitors to your main entrance and securing that entryway with a custom bullet-resistant barrier.

To get you started, take a look at our checklist, “5 Steps for Securing School Doors & Entryways.” This handy reference guide offers useful tips on selecting the right barrier for your school.

Bulletproof School Entranceway

Schools Rely on TSS for Customized Bulletproof Solutions

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