Bulletproof Package Passers

If your business frequently exchanges larger items and packages with customers, you may be leaving both employees and valuable property at risk. Shipping stores, convenience stores, and post offices are all businesses that should consider enhancing security with bullet-resistant package passers that promote the safe and efficient transfer of goods.

Rotary Package Passer Installation
PE Package Passer Installed

What type of passer you need depends upon your counter design and functional requirements. Some businesses may need the extra security of an interlocking mechanism, while others may find a rotary-style passer sufficient for their threat level. Your TSS representative can help you determine what passer will work best with your specific daily operations and risk factors, plus offer customization options as they are available.

Types of Package Passers

Each TSS passer offers bulletproof protection and is tested to UL Levels 1-3. Which level of protection you need will be determined by your industry, building, and reasonable threat expectations.

SPE Package Passer

Steel Bullet-Resistant Package Passer

This passer consists of a rectangular steel box available with prime painted steel or stainless steel doors. An interlocking mechanism prevents both doors from being opened simultaneously, allowing packages to be passed through the barrier without a breach of security. Designed to allow the passing of small to medium-sized packages on a moderate or frequent basis, this passer has a long service life and requires little to no maintenance.

Steel Bullet-Resistant Package Passer (Interlocking) Drawing
Steel Bullet-Resistant Package Passer (Interlocking) Data Sheet
Steel Bullet-Resistant Package Passer (Interlocking) Specifications

PE Package Passer

Acrylic Bullet-Resistant Package Passer

This rectangular passer is built from transparent bullet-resistant glazing material. With doors on both customer and employee sides, an interlocking mechanism prevents both doors from being opened at the same time and ensures optimal security. The PE package passer is designed to allow small packages to be passed frequently without little to no need for maintenance in its long service life.

Acrylic Bullet-Resistant Package Passer (Interlocking) Drawings
14”x14”x14”   |   16”x16”x16”   |   24”x24”x24”

Acrylic Bullet-Resistant Package Passer Data Sheet
Acrylic Bullet-Resistant Package Passer Specifications

Pizza Passer

Pizza Passer

As the name implies, this passer is designed to easily pass large rectangular boxes such as those that often contain pizzas. It is built from transparent bullet-resistant glazing material with a trim handle on the employee side.

Pizza Passer Drawing
Pizza Passer Data Sheet

Lazy Susan Package Passer

Lazy Susan Package Passer

Designed for heavy use, this passer is most frequently installed by pharmacies, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores. It is built from transparent bullet-resistant glazing material and has a rotary design that encourages quick and seamless transfers.

Lazy Susan Package Passer Drawing
Lazy Susan Package Passer Data Sheet
Lazy Susan Package Passer Specification

Rotary Package Passer

Rotary Package Passer

This spinning passer consists of stainless steel sides, a UHMW plastic top, and a clear vision window. It has openings facing both the customer and employee sides with an inner revolving unit that allows for easy transfers and tight security.

Rotary Package Passer Drawing
Rotary Package Passer Data Sheet
Rotary Package Passer Specifications

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