Bulletproof & Ballistic Accessories

Ballistic accessories are incorporated within bullet-resistant barrier systems to ensure functionality.

Bulletproof & Ballistic Accessories

Ballistic & Bulletproof Accessories

When designing a custom bulletproof system, we always consider what essential functionalities are required for your team to work well while staying safe. To accommodate these needs, we’ll incorporate ballistic accessories such as:

  • Currency trays
  • Package passers
  • Pass-through drawers
  • Overhead louvers
  • Voice transmission hardware
Watch this video to learn which bulletproof accessories may be suitable for your business, office, or facility.

Bullet-Resistant Framing Systems

Doors and windows are inherent weak spots in any security system, and selecting the correct framing system for your entryways is crucial to ensure protection. When choosing a bulletproof frame, there are three major considerations you should take into account:

1.   Perceived threat level
2.  Level of protection required
3.  Budget

In this video, we take a look at a few types of bullet-resistant frames and explore how they fit into a comprehensive ballistic barrier system.