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Bullet-Resistant Barrier

Work with the bullet proof barrier industry’s innovative¬†leader.

Total Security Solutions offers you a complete line of superior quality products with which to create your custom-crafted, bullet-resistant barrier system. Calling on three decades of innovation and experience, and state-of-the-art fabrication and manufacturing processes, we’ll quickly address your security challenges and design a system that meets your unique needs.We offer bullet proof products for glaziers to do self-installation, and we do customized design and installation ourselves. No matter where in the United States you are located, we can provide you with a customized bullet proof barrier. Our materials have architectural appeal and provide up to UL Level 3 protection, withstanding force from a .44 magnum. Browse photos from some of our completed projects to see how we can make your workplace more secure without compromising design.

Bullet Resistant Barriers
Bullet Resistant
Convenience Store Transaction Lines
Convenience Store
Transaction Lines
Bullet Resistant Frames
Bullet Resistant
Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows
Bullet Resistant
Transaction Windows
Bullet Resistant Doors
Bullet Resistant
Ballistic Security Glass
Ballistic Security Glass
Bullet Resistant<br /> Fiberglass
Bullet Resistant
Deal, Cash & Currency Trays
Deal, Cash &
Currency Trays
Pass-Through Drawers
Ballistic Counters
Ballistic Counters
Bullet Resistant Passers
Bullet Resistant
Quick Ship Products
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