Bulletproof Systems That Stand Up to Any Threat.

From Large and Complex to Mobile and Compact, We Have the Solution.

Our team of bulletproof experts is up to any challenge. We specialize in customized, bulletproof barrier systems that include everything from large, complex installations to small, mobile barriers. We assess, plan, manufacture and install our barriers in half the time of our competition. We’ll even work with your existing glaziers, millrights and other partners to get the job done.

We have extensive experience working on government and municipal projects, and understand the challenges you face. We’ll help you make the right decisions to provide the appropriate level of protection for your staff, visitors and customers. We can work on new construction projects, around other onsite crews and timing, as well as retrofit a barrier in your existing location.

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Our Proven Process Guarantees a Successful Project Every Time.

TSS Proven Process


We’ll Help You Update Your Security Plan.

We’ll assess your environment for threats and gaps in your security plan. Then we’ll help you select the right glazing, access control options and materials for your bulletproof project. We’ll make sure our plans line up with your other construction partners.


Your Barrier Will Fit Your Building.

Every ballistic component will be designed using exact field measurements and will blend with your existing environment. Our attention to detail means that all doors, windows and bulletproof frames will be customized for your building and provide your desired protection level — be it level 1-3 or level 8.


We Customize Everything at Our In-House Facility.

Our craftsmen have years of experience building all elements of bulletproof barriers and we’ve invested in the latest manufacturing tools. We rigorously inspect all of the components for your barrier at our in-house facility. Everything is made in the U.S.A.


We’re Quick and Convenient.

Our professional installation team will get in and out of your way without interrupting your daily operations. We can install after hours or over a weekend if necessary. Before we go, we’ll show your team how to maintain your bulletproof glass for optimum performance.

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