3 Elements for Bulletproof Barrier Production Success

If you were to walk into our manufacturing shop on any given day, you’d be surprised at the pace of our production team. When people visit and tour, one of the first things they mention is the “buzz” in the air. While we pride ourselves on the sense of urgency and speed with which we complete our work, we also understand the importance of not sacrificing quality for speed. That’s easy to do in a fast-paced environment, but with our staff and processes in place we are able to stand confidently behind the barriers we manufacture.

From our extensive experience in the industry, we have found that there are three essential elements for the successful production of bulletproof barriers:

Quality of the Staff

The machines used to manufacture ballistic barriers are similar amongst bulletproof glass companies. What separates Total Security Solutions from the competition is the staff completing the job. We have high quality training and standards in place to ensure our team is the best.

TSS Manufacturing

Commitment to Quality

One of our company’s core values is to “honor all commitments with integrity.” It’s very important to us that we manufacture and deliver high quality ballistic barrier systems because anything less than the best can compromise safety. Our commitments to integrity and system quality are why we have our own manufacturing facility, which allows for a streamlined quality control process.

Finishing a Bullet Resistant Barrier Syatem Component.Focus on Workflow and Process

Our manufacturing facility maintains a high level of service and quick job turnaround time because of our streamlined production and manufacturing processes. In order to provide consistency and focused on the needs of the customer, the project managers and engineers are involved in the project from the planning phase to production.

While only one portion of our three-staged manufacturing process (which also includes planning and installation), production is when our team finally gets to see all the planning we did with our customers pay off. We are able to use our expertise and proven process to divide up your project into pieces and have each section of the shop working in congress with each other, resulting in a safe and aesthetically pleasing barrier system for your business that is completed on spec and on time.

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