Four Reasons to Replace Bulletproof Glass

Typically, people use bulletproof glass as a crime deterrent.  In fact, it’s very rare for one of the systems to get shot at because the presence of a bulletproof barrier frequently causes a criminal to think twice about targeting that building. With that in mind, if you’re using an existing bullet resistant barrier system, you may be wondering when, or if, you ever have to replace it.  Rest assured, the safety and effectiveness of the bulletproof glass doesn’t diminish with age.  Since safety and quality degradation aren’t things you’ll have to worry about, here are a few reasons you’d want to replace your glass.

Your building is being renovated or remodeled

If you’re working with an architect or a designer on a building remodel, especially a remodel of an older building, you’ll want to consider replacing or upgrading your bullet resistant barrier system.  Chances are the remodel will change the framing and the structural integrity of your current set up, so it’s best to involve a bulletproof barrier professional to consult on any renovation or remodel design project.

You used improper cleaning materials on your bulletproof glass

As mentioned above, your chances of getting shot at behind a sheet of bulletproof glass is pretty rare.  The biggest threat to the integrity of your bulletproof glass actually comes from an unexpected source – glass cleaners like Windex.  If you use Windex on your glass, something called crazing will happen.  Crazing will make your glass appear like it has cracks going through it.  Aside from the cracks, the visibility will also be compromised.  When this happens, the only way to fix the bulletproof glass is to completely replace the crazed panes.  To avoid having to replace the glass, make sure to use approved glass cleaners.

Bulletproof Glass Crazing

Your bulletproof glass has yellowed and you want to improve its appearance

Your bulletproof glass will start to yellow over the span of 10 – 20 years because of its exposure to the sun’s UV Rays. The yellowing of your glass over time will not affect the quality or safety of the glass, so in this instance replacing the bulletproof glass is really a matter of personal preference.  If you’re okay with having a yellowish tint on your glass, then there’s no reason to replace it.  However, customers and employees may be put off by the discoloration, and the environment may benefit from an upgrade in materials and finishes that may not have been available when you first installed your system.

Your bulletproof glass has been compromised by a bullet or other weapon

It may sound obvious, but not all people realize that people should replace bulletproof glass that has actually been shot at or hit with a hammer or other weapon.  If any cracking or pitting has occurred, the structural integrity of the security glass may be compromised.  You should contact your bulletproof barrier provider immediately to assess whether or not the glass should be replaced.

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