Supplying Architects with Bullet Resistant Doors for All Situations

“Bullet resistant doors are just a lot more common than you think,” Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has often noted.  “We’re talking about a client concerned enough about security that they’re doing a retrofit and buzzing every visitor through.  Odds are good that they’re going to want that door and surrounding walls reinforced.”

This isn’t just in jewelry stores and late-night liquor stores. “It’s corporate headquarters, religious institutions, government offices. These users, they’re usually making an investment not just in security, but in making sure to blend these new secure elements into the existing decor. Because we have so many decades of experience doing custom work, we can make that happen.”  bulletproof glass bullet resistant barriers

Custom Bullet Resistant Doors that Look Beautiful 

For Jim and Total Security Solutions, custom bullet resistant doors are about more than just being practical. “We always want our work to be a cut above,” he explains. As an example, he shares these 100% custom interior double doors, built for a sensitive corporate facility.

custom built bullet resistant doors improve corporate security

“This is the kind of custom work we can do on a one-off.  No one in our industry has ever done doors like these. Those door lites aren’t individual panes—each door has a single-piece of monolithic acrylic, visually divided by false muntins that we built from scratch, precisely blended to the surface of the door.” The doors themselves are backed with bullet-resistant fiberglass and integrated into the building-wide access control system. They are indistinguishable from any other door in the building.

Another good example are these all-glass doors Total Security

Bullet Resistant Doors

custom all-glass bullet-resistant doors

Solutions did for a corporate headquarters in Connecticut. The client needed a set of durable bullet-resistant doors that matched the existing doors as closely as possible so that the renovation would not draw any attention.

Total Security Solutions designed, engineered, and fabricated these doors from Level 2 glass-clad polycarbonate. They sourced all the hardware themselves, finding pieces that would blend with the existing decor, but were hearty enough to handle the application. (BP materials are usually a bit more than twice as heavy as their conventional counterparts.)

Bullet Resistant Doors

custom all-glass door header detail

Not Everyone Needs a Stealth Bullet-Resistant Door

Of course, Jim is the first person to acknowledge that not every application calls for a one-of-a-kind stealth bulletproof door. “We offer a range of standard bullet-resistant doors that fit the most common scenarios.”

Jim adds that although these are “standard,” they aren’t a cookie-cutter commodity item. “We don’t crank doors out by the hundreds and stack them up in a warehouse.” Each door is individually fabricated for a specific job. Any number of tweaks and adjustments can be made to perfectly mesh the standard TSS door to your specific application.

“This is one of our major strengths. The first is that we have deep knowledge of both our specific niche and of building and construction in general. We can bring those pieces together to design solutions that are easy to integrate with your project and really end up working and looking good.  Our other strength is that we have actual manufacturing capabilities, so we can design right out to the edge of what’s possible to fabricate.

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