Avoid Potential Bullet Proof Glass Construction Project Mistakes

Integrating bullet-resistant glass into new or retrofit construction requires special considerations, such as which security level is required or how to properly support the weight. As a designer or architect utilizing bullet-resistant glass for the first time, you may have a lot of questions on how to get started.

Preventable bulletproof glass mistakesThis photo is just one example of a mistake that could have been easily prevented. The Bullet Resistant Horizontal Slider, commonly used in convenience store installations, cannot be quickly closed in the event of an emergency because the cords for the credit card machine are draped across the threshold. There are a couple different solutions to remedy this situation including a grommet in the countertop or drilling a hole in the sidewall of the cash tray for the cords to route through. The cords could even be routed directly through the bulletproof glass without compromising the structural integrity of the barrier.

If it’s your first time working on a project that incorporates bullet-resistant glass or you need a little refresher, download our new checklist designed to help anyone working on the planning or installation of a bullet resistant barrier identify and avoid potential project mistakes. For example, if you know upfront the location of the credit card machine, the cords can be easily routed under the counter or through the glass to ensure the Horizontal Slider is operable.

Every mistake mentioned on the checklist is easily preventable. If you want to avoid potential scope creep and project delays, this checklist can help you understand simple steps you can take to keep everything on track. If you have additional questions, or you would like to have a Total Security Solutions design consultant look over your specs to check for potential mistakes, click here.

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