Preventable Mistakes for Bulletproof Glass Construction Projects

As an architect working on a project, two of the worst things that could happen are delays and cost increases. When you’re working with materials, you’re not familiar with, the possibility of making a mistake increases. When it comes to bulletproof glass, it’s perfectly normal for Total Security Solutions to work with architects using it for the first time. If we get involved in the project planning process, our team can make recommendations and guide our customers from planning, all the way to installation. Our experience in the industry allows us to anticipate potential issues not recognized by first-timers.

To further assist architects working on bulletproof glass barrier projects, we’ve created a new checklist that will help anyone working on the planning or installation of a bullet resistant barrier identify and avoid potential project mistakes. One preventable mistake covered on the checklist has to do with the placement and function of ballistic doors in your barrier design.

Avoiding Ballistic Door Design Mistakes

Believe it or not, when we look at approval drawings and specs, some of the most common design mistakes we see are with bullet resistant doors. Specifically, we see designs that do not account for the proper door swing. While it seems like a simple enough mistake, getting the door swing wrong will affect the entire function of your barrier. To a lesser extent, we also see issues with the door hardware not being compatible or appropriate with the design and desired functionality of the door. For instance, if you want the door to unlock electronically with a buzzer from an attendant station, you need to account for the electricity needed in the design. These small details are overlooked more than expected, making door design issues one of the most common reasons for change orders.

Blueprint MistakesDownload Now: 10 Preventable Bulletproof Glass Project Mistakes Checklist

Aside from the above door issues, our new checklist focuses on other easily preventable mistakes, including:

  • The Importance of Exact Measurements
  • Building Codes and Regulations
  • Bulletproof Glass Support Structures
  • Bullet Resistant Barrier Functionality
  • Appropriate Protection and Bulletproof Glass Type

Every mistake mentioned on the checklist is easily preventable. If you want to avoid potential scope creep and project delays, this checklist can help you understand simple steps you can take to keep everything on track. If you have additional questions, or you would like to have a Total Security Solutions design consultant look over your specs to check for potential mistakes, click here.

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