Avoid Repeat Convenience Store Robberies with a Comprehensive Security Plan

For a convenience store that has been previously robbed, the installation of a bullet-resistant barrier becomes an even greater necessity to prevent reoccurring thefts as well as to protect both employees and customers. As was the unfortunate case for a convenience store robbed in Freeburn, Kentucky, a gas station or convenience store can often be targeted repeatedly by the same robber or group of robbers if viewed as particularly vulnerable or unlikely to install security equipment to stop future thefts.

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Security measures, such as the installation of surveillance cameras and/or a bullet proof barrier, displaying security signage, and increasing your employee’s sightline by utilizing lower shelves and reducing blind spots, are all ways to deter crimes from happening. Most robberies occur in convenience stores or gas stations with only one employee working, good escape routes (often close to a highway on-ramp) and few witnesses around.

At Total Security Solutions, we understand that our bullet resistant barriers are only one part of a successful security plan. A security professional might also recommend a digital video recording system, proper employee training or a cash management system.

If your convenience store has been previously robbed, you might be targeted again. Take the necessary steps to protect your employees and develop a comprehensive security plan. Download our free 6 Key Components of a Convenience Store Security Plan to start creating an extensive convenience store security plan and avoid common security mistakes.

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