Bullet-Resistant Barriers: Which should you choose?

Arch Window, Baffle Window, Secure Sound, Speak Hole and Backer…

There are several bullet-resistant barrier options available — all similar in cost and available in UL Level 1-3 protection, but each with its own design aesthetic and benefits.

Custom Bullet Resistant Barrier System

The Baffle Window Bullet-Resistant Barrier System became available in the early 1970s. It continues to remain popular because it provides the best natural voice communication. The traditional baffle window system staggers the overlapping vertical edges of the bulletproof glass sheets while the horizontal baffle window system features one sheet of bullet-resistant glass secured from the ceiling with another sheet offset rising from the counter, further minimizing visual line breaks.

The Arch Window Bullet-Resistant Barrier System works similar to the baffle window system with overlapping sheets of bullet-resistant glass in an arch configuration promoting natural voice transmission. It is the most commonly used system in banks, credit unions and government offices.

Secure Sound Bullet-Resistant Barrier System Gaining Popularity

The Secure Sound Bullet-Resistant Barrier, the newest system available, has become increasingly popular because it offers the best visibility. While security cameras can still shoot through the overlapping sheets of bullet-resistant glass on the baffle or arch window systems, the secure sound bullet-resistant barrier provides a full sheet of uninterrupted glass for security cameras to shoot through. In addition, the glass cutline for the counter falls at approximately 60” from the floor which is perfect talking height for the average person. The Speak Hole and Backer Bullet-Resistant Barrier System integrates a natural acrylic speaker hole and backing plate into the bullet resistant transaction window.

We offer you a broad array of options with which to customize your bullet-resistant barrier to create a secure, functional interface between staff and patrons at the counter level and above. Counter-mount or recessed cash trays can be integrated into any of our bullet-resistant barriers enabling safe transaction of funds in vulnerable applications. For help selecting the best bullet-resistant barrier to fit seamlessly into your facility, contact one of our knowledgeable in-house designers.



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