Using Bulletproof Glass to Increase Hospital Security

With this week’s shooting in a Reno, Nevada hospital, people have had questions about ways to prevent something like this happening in the future. It’s natural for emotions to be high in this type of situation, so the first thing the team at Total Security Solutions suggests is to not make a security decision based on how you’re feeling after a tragic incident occurs. If you do, it’s possible for you to develop a plan that is more than you need.

When looking at protecting a hospital, OSHA has a set of recommendations to follow including the installation of bullet resistant windows. Given the nature of access, as well as the increase in the treatment of mental health patients, it’s a good idea for hospital administrators to work with an experienced bulletproof glass company to discuss appropriate security needs.

In our experience, Total Security Solutions recommends:

  • Replacing main entryways with bulletproof glass and ballistic doors
  • Installing Bullet Resistant Barriers at nurse stations, admissions, reception and administration areas, hospital pharmacies, and the ER
  • Installing a stand-alone fixed barrier system for a guard to manage who gets into the hospital

Following these recommendations will allow for optimal security and protection, while also being mindful of budgets. With the multiple elements needed to protect a hospital, there will definitely be a lot of custom work that needs to be done. No barrier design is one size fits all, so it’s important to get a bulletproof glass professional involved early on in the project as they will be anticipate any potential design and installation issues. They’ll also be able to complete an aesthetically pleasing barrier that doesn’t disrupt the regular functions of a hospital – helping people. If you have any questions about how bulletproof glass can help secure your hospital, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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