Bulletproof Glass Standard in Presidential Limousine

Bullet proof glass may not be an option you need for your vehicle, but for individuals like President Obama, it comes standard. The newest Cadillac Presidential Limousine takes cues from a variety of Cadillac’s vehicle line-up and weighs in “at more than 10,000-lbs. Most of that is due to thick, bullet-proof glass and armor plating throughout. Even the tires are resistant to attack and contain innerliners just in case the outer tires are damaged.”

View a slideshow of Cadillac Presidential Limousines dating back to Taft’s presidency and read “Cadillac presidential limousines from Taft to Obama – history and review” by Craig Hover, Kansas City Automotive Examiner.

Bentley is getting in on the security vehicle business with their Continental Flying Spur. For $500,000, it “features military-grade B6-level protection and is fitted with ballistic steel, [ . . . ] bulletproof glass, run flat tires, an explosion-proof gas tank and DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber flooring.”

Read “Bulletproof Bentley Flying Spur,” automobilemag.com.

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