School Safety: The Facts About Securing Schools With Bulletproof Glass

Yesterday’s school shooting in the Atlanta area has brought the topic of school security back into the national conversation. Thankfully with this situation, no one was injured and the suspect was taken into custody by law enforcement. Even though there were no injuries, people are starting to increasingly question security and what options are appropriate for schools. We’ve fielded these types of questions and concerns in the past. From our experience, more extreme safety precautions than necessary are proposed the days and weeks after a school shooting, including replacing every school window with bulletproof glass. This level of protection is not necessary.
secure school door and entryway

Bulletproof School EntrywayInstead, we recommend you focus your increased safety efforts to entryways, doors, and school administration offices. First off, replacing every window in the school is not an economically viable option. A job like that could cost upwards of one million dollars, which is in no school’s budget. Secondly, the primary purpose of a secured bullet resistant barrier system is to act as a deterrent. These barriers almost never get compromised by gunfire, and are usually only replaced due to aesthetic reasons or during a building remodel. It’s important to know the facts about securing a school with a bullet resistant barrier system so you’re not taken advantage of (potentially unknowingly) by someone who doesn’t understand the optimal custom security solution for your needs.

The common thread in most of the recent school shootings is that the gunman was able to get direct access by walking in through the front door. Sandy Hook was a bit different because he had to break the front door glass to bypass the lock, but it was ultimately hassle-free for him too. By securing the entryway vestibule area with a locked bullet resistant barrier system, a gunman will not be able to get in by busting through the bulletproof glass barrier.

Installing a bullet resistant barrier is not the only security measure that needs to be taken. Consider the barrier one part of a comprehensive security plan that you develop with a trained school security professional or police officer.

To help school administrators, security officers, and architects make the best decisions regarding school safety, we have created a School Safety Resource Center filled with articles, and free downloadable content. You will also find a recording of a school security webinar that Total Security Solutions Vice President Jim Richards recently hosted. We hope this information helps clear up any misconceptions about bulletproof glass and its use for school safety that you may have.

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