Bulletproof or Bullet-Resistant?

While the industry term for our line of products is bullet-resistant, the more common term is bulletproof. Things like bulletproof vests, however, are not actually bulletproof, but bullet-resistant.

So what does it take to be truly bulletproof? In researching this topic, we found several people asking just that question. Six inches of lead sheathing or one foot of solid concrete could be called “bulletproof,” but the bullet-resistant products available through Total Security Solutions provide excellent stopping power against most common handguns, shotguns or rifles and can be employed in ways that are almost invisible to the undiscerning eye.

So now that we know the technical term is “bullet-resistant,” let’s analyze the phrase “bullet-resistant glass.”

Bullet-resistant glass isn’t really glass, well not completely. There are three types of “bullet-resistant glass,” but only one is actually made with regular glass. Glass-Clad Polycarbonate is made from a piece of polycarbonate that is sandwiched between two pieces of regular glass. The other forms of “bullet-resistant glass” are actually made from a solid sheet of acrylic or laminated polycarbonate.

Image taken from www.technical-discovery.com.

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