How to Understand the Cost of a Bulletproof System

Some of the most common questions we receive are about the cost of adding bullet-resistant barriers to a facility. The best way to get an estimate for your project is to speak with an expert who can provide exact figures. If you’re not ready to get a formal quote, our most popular bulletproof products usually fall into this price range:

  • A bulletproof door costs roughly $5,000
  • Level 1 bulletproof glass costs starts at $50 per square foot, not including framing or installation fees

    However, most businesses, facilities, and organizations need more protection than a simple bulletproof door or pane of bulletproof glass. Using a systems approach, we help our customers assess potential threats and design a bulletproof system that offers comprehensive protection. These systems can range from small and relatively straightforward to large and complex—keep reading to learn more about pricing for different types of bulletproof systems for commercial buildings.

Small Bulletproof System Starting Cost: $7,000-$10,000

Relatively small bulletproof systems are ideal for ticket windows, small retail settings like gas stations, and other reception areas. A typical small bulletproof system usually includes:

Ballistic fiberglass would be used to reinforce the surrounding walls, and a steel bullet-resistant door would restrict entry into the secure area.

The cost of a minimal system like this will start at $7,000 to $10,000, not including installation.

A Mid-Size Bullet-Resistant Barrier System Starting Cost: $15,000-$25,000

More comprehensive barrier systems are usually more complex and customized. Mid-size systems are ideal for larger convenience stores, gas stations, or bank branches. These facilities typically have at least two registers and exterior-facing windows to secure. 

Each register would be enclosed in a bulletproof glass booth. This booth would include:

Many convenience stores choose sliding windows, although there are many different styles of bulletproof transaction windows to choose from. Each hardened point-of-payment will be accessible through a bulletproof door, which would likely be equipped with an electronic keypad or buzzer system. This type of project would also include replacing the exterior windows with bulletproof glass and a weather-resistant framing system.

The cost of this type of mid-range bulletproof system is roughly $15,000 to $25,000.

High-End Bulletproof System Starting Cost: $30,000

Large, high-end bulletproof systems usually include many different components built into the building. Despite these being some of the largest and most involved types of projects we handle, they’re often invisible to everyday users. For example, many government buildings have bullet-resistant glass reinforcing every exterior window and ballistic fiberglass lining every interior and exterior wall. Some corporate entryways are constructed entirely from bulletproof glass and framing that can be locked down at the push of a button. 

Systems like these tend to start at $30,000 and can range into hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

What About Bulletproof Glass Installation Costs?

The cost of your bulletproof glass installation depends on who you choose as your installation provider. Many people opt to work with a local contractor to install their bulletproof project. If you select this option, you’ll have to factor their quote into the total system cost. TSS also offers installation services no matter where you live in the country. Most of our systems can be installed overnight to avoid any major disruptions to your business. Your installation costs will depend on the scope of your project, so please contact us for more details.

TSS Is Ready to Quote Out the Cost of Your Bulletproof Barrier System Project

If you have questions about the cost of a bulletproof door or bulletproof window, don’t wait to contact us. For decades, our team has helped organizations across the country secure their facilities. We’ve designed, fabricated, and installed over 25,000 bulletproofing projects and have what it takes to create an effective system that looks great in your space. Once we understand your needs, our team can provide you with a detailed estimate that includes the cost of any bulletproof glass, bulletproof doors, and bulletproof accessories you might need.

The product pricings are approximations only and are not intended to replace the quoting process. TSS cannot guarantee that the pricing here will be reflected in your official project quote.


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