TSS Bends the Rules to Meet a Government Client’s Tight Deadline

Good customer service means knowing when to push yourselves to help a client out. TSS did just that recently, when a government agency needed to update their building’s ballistic barriers.

Not only did we work with a competitor in order to meet the client’s needs, we designed, fabricated, and installed the tallest framing we’ve ever handled ourselves. Read more to find out how—and why!—we went all out for our client.

Our Client’s Goals: Increase Bulletproof Security in a Challenging Space

Our government agency client decided to upgrade the bulletproof protection in their building’s lobby. To meet their security needs, this required a full renovation. While they had some existing ballistic barrier materials already installed, these materials didn’t match their threat level.

While the lobby was a small area, they needed a lot of different bullet-resistant materials and accessories to provide comprehensive protection. Our client also needed the ballistic barrier system to match the existing design elements in the lobby.

On its own, this would have been a tall order (literally!). But, our client also had a very short timeline available for us to complete the installation. This extremely complex bulletproof system would need to be completed in just a few days.

Due to the nature of the client’s confidential work and our commitment to exceptional customer experience, we knew we may have to get flexible and creative in order to meet their needs. (Note: the header image for this blog is a stock image in order to maintain client confidentiality.) 

Our Commitment to Customer Service Outranks Our Own Bottom Line

On the TSS side, we had three challenges to overcome in order to meet such a tight deadline. 

First, there was a large number of unique and custom components required for such a small space. We needed both standard thermal aluminum framing. We needed insulated glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP), including some spandrel GCP treatments to aid with aesthetics and thermal efficiency. Then, we needed multiple types of pass-thru drawers, and some very custom door hardware. On top of that, the whole framing system had to be finished in specific anodizing in order to blend in with the existing lobby finish.

Second, we ended up working with a competitor to use their bulletproof glass in our custom framing. This was a client request that’s fairly unusual for us. While we stand by the excellent protective qualities of all our products, at the end of the day, our goal is to keep people safe. Because we have a great working relationship with our client, we were able to focus on achieving the goal at hand and get the customer exactly what they need. 

Third, the scope of the project and space in which our team of eight was working in made for a very challenging install. We’ve supplied taller framing systems, but this was the tallest frame we’ve ever installed ourselves. Our team was provided the final measurements for some elements of the system on-site, which meant we had to work on the fly to make sure everything fit perfectly. All of this was happening in a small space, often many feet in the air. Thankfully, the TSS installation team was able to rise to the occasion on our customer’s behalf, despite the challenges this project presented.

We were blown away by the team’s quality of work and the impressive scope of the finished product. It’s projects like these that make us proud of our designers, engineers, fabricators, and installation teams—everyone’s efforts contributed to a truly outstanding bulletproof barrier system. 

See What TSS’ Commitment to Customer Service and Safety Can Do For You

While this was certainly a unique case, this customer did not get special treatment. At TSS, we strive to provide an exceptional customer experience for every customer we serve. We earn your trust by listening to your needs and objectives, and providing specialized recommendations for your specific facility. At the end of the day, you can trust that you’ll have the ballistic protection you need to keep your team safe.

If you’d like to hear about other specific clients that we’ve helped, check out our case studies for various industries.

For more information about how TSS can help you increase the security of your facility, reach out to us any time. You can contact us online. We’d love to show you firsthand what kind of personalized service we provide to our customers.

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