Importance of Testing Standards For Convenience Store Bulletproof Barriers

We manufacture our bulletproof barriers in-house to stringent specifications, the most demanding in the industry, guaranteeing superior quality. But we don’t just stop there. All of our system components pass rigorous testing, often conducted by multiple standards agencies.

We’re confident that our bulletproof barriers will not be compromised by the type of projectiles they are rated to withstand, ensuring the safety of your employees. But when you’re the employee standing behind the bullet resistant glass during an armed robbery, it can often be difficult to trust your life to the protection of something you can see through. One convenience store employee in southeast Houston was faced with those exact fears when three armed robbers fired several gunshots at the bulletproof barrier he stood safely behind. Despite their demands to open the door and repeated gunshots, the suspects fled empty-handed and the employee remained unharmed.

If you’re a convenience store owner that’s chosen to install a bulletproof barrier in your facility, then you’re probably already aware that security products not only contribute to maintaining consistent operations and a profitable revenue stream, but also provide a greatly reduced risk of armed robbery to store employees. We can work with you to design a high profile ballistic barrier for additional deterrent factor or low profile to integrate with the aesthetics of your facility while still providing a high level of protection. And when you choose Total Security Solutions to install your bullet resistant barrier, you can be confident your system will meet your functional and security needs in the unfortunate situation that your convenience store is robbed.

While bullet-resistant barriers are often enough of a deterrent to prevent a robbery, for the sake of your employees, you want to be confident in the performance of your system should it be put to the test. We can work with you to determine what level of bullet resistance your facility requires as well as provide tips on developing a comprehensive security plan, of which bulletproof barriers are just one component.

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