New Product: DEFENDER Insulated Ballistic Glass

As a leader in bulletproof solutions, we are proud of our consultative approach to helping customers figure out which type of bulletproof glass is right for them. We also take tremendous pride in bringing innovative solutions to the market. We’re excited to announce a new ballistic glass product –the only one of its kind. To help you figure out if it’s a good security solution for your building, here are the details on DEFENDER Insulated Ballistic Glass.

Why Insulated Ballistic Glass?

Jim Richards, TSS CEO explains:

Jim Richards“We were getting quite a few calls from architects and educational institutions, in particular, asking for ‘ballistic security film’, which we don’t sell because there is no truly ballistic security film.”

“After talking more to them, we determined that what many of these customers needed was a moderate-level of ballistic protection that would blend seamlessly into their exterior aesthetic and would be easily retrofitted. Our DEFENDER insulated ballistic glass is exactly that.”

DEFENDER is also the only UL-Rated ballistic insulated glass product on the market today.

Richards says it’s important for TSS to educate the market on the differences between window security film and truly ballistic products like DEFENDER because there’s a lot of misinformation out there:

“There are several K-12-focused products on the market that appear to be “ballistic” when in fact, they will not stop a bullet. If there’s a risk of harm to people, the ability to stop penetration from small-caliber handguns is necessary. UL 752 rated products, such as our DEFENDER glass, have been tested and can provide a meaningful level of ballistic protection – window security film cannot.”

Now that we’re clear on the difference between insulated ballistic glass and window film- let’s look at how insulated glass compares to other types of bulletproof glass.

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How Is It Different From Other Bulletproof Glass Materials?

DEFENDER insulated ballistic glass offers distinct advantages over its counterparts (acrylic, GCP and polycarbonate):

1. True double-pane glass with air-gap

2. Lightweight & sized for painless retrofits

3. Superior light transmission

4. Easy to clean and maintain

It offers UL-Level 1 ballistic protection, and Richards confirms it’s a good choice for the entire building envelope:

“We have quite a few customers calling us, asking for UL 752 glass, rated level 5 through 8. This is not an appropriate protection level for every installation. Level 1, in many cases, is more than adequate. Not only are the higher UL rated products quite a bit more expensive, but also their weight makes them unrealistic in many instances based on architectural building loads and weight limitations.”

In contrast, DEFENDER offers moderate ballistic protection at a lighter weight that can be easily retrofit into your existing window frames.

But weight is not the only difference. DEFENDER is also extremely easy to clean:

“It is not prone to crazing or de-lamination, unlike acrylic or products that have polycarbonate compositions.”

DEFENDER has no acrylic or polycarbonate so it will resist the potential adverse impacts of conventional cleaners like Windex. Because the outer layers are heat-treated glass, there is greater scratch resistance than you would have with acrylic or laminated polycarbonate.

For best results, we recommend using a soft, clean cloth and mild soap, detergent, or slightly acidic cleaning solution (such as vinegar) –then wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth.


Where Is Insulated Ballistic Glass Best Utilized?

We would recommend this product to anyone in need of true ballistic protection with a need to balance other factors such as aesthetics and energy efficiencies.

Locations that would benefit from DEFENDER glass include:

  • Multi-floor School Buildings
  • Corporate Offices
  • Utility Offices or Payment Centers
  • Municipal Buildings

It’s also appealing to architects and general contractors because it looks great and it’s easy to install, says Richards:

“The 1-1/8” IG product can be retrofitted into existing window frames making it a great choice for upper or lower floor windows in exterior applications. It has very good light transmission and the fact that the 1-1/8” product can be installed into existing frames means it can more seamlessly blend with the exterior building envelope.”

DEFENDER is a great investment in the safety and peace of mind of your employees and visitors. It’s also a great investment from an operational perspective:

“The useful life of this product should be 20 years and it’s fairly comparable in cost to its acrylic counterpart, a Level 1 product. When you consider the fact that it can be cleaned with conventional cleaners without adverse impacts of crazing or de-lamination, its long-term cost of ownership makes it a good value.”

New Product - UL Ballistic Insulated Glass: Learn More

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