School Security and Bank Teller Windows

In the last year Americans have become acutely aware of the need for enhanced security in school facilities. Unfortunately, the cost of a comprehensive ballistic system in a public building can easily climb into six figures. Fortunately, a basic ballistic bank teller window system can be retrofitted into almost any school building, significantly increasing building security without straining an overburdened budget.

Bank Teller Windows Are Designed for High Traffic Applications

A school is an especially challenging security setting: Hundreds (if not thousands) of students, parents, and staff need to enter and exit the building each day, with most of them doing so within a 20-minute window before and after school is in session. School security is as much about efficiency (being able to quickly move people through the doors, and quickly lock those doors down in an emergency) as it is access control.

Bank teller windows are designed to keep everything rolling smoothly, even in high-traffic situations. Modern clear-voice communication systems dispense entirely with the cost and inconvenience of old-style intercoms, while a variety of deal trays and drawers make it easy to pass documents and accept deliveries without permitting unknown individuals to enter the building’s secure perimeter. Increasing retail demand for bank teller windows–which are now found in 24-hour convenience stores and gas station, urban fast-food restaurants, and even pharmacies–has led to competition among designers. The result: A diverse range of bank teller window designs, ready to be dropped into any situation.

Adding Bank Teller Windows to School Reception Areas

Modern bank teller windows ship as pre-built, single-piece drop-in units. They weigh about 100 pounds, and can easily be installed by most on-staff maintenance crews. Bear in mind that different buildings will have different needs: Depending on the specific layout of entryways and student areas, the front-door safety glass may need to be replaced with ballistic acrylic, and some walls may need additional bulletproof reinforcement.

Since non-entryway exterior doors in schools are usually reinforced, self-closing, and self-latching (for fire safety), the front office is the key area of concern for a security upgrade. Most U.S. public school entryways are already outfitted with security glass (“shatter-proof” laminated glass with no ballistic properties) and block or brick wall construction (a significant ballistic barrier in and of itself). All the pieces are in place for a basic ballistic security system, once the existing office desk is outfitted with a bank teller window.

Highly qualified bullet proof companies, such as Total Security Solutions, can work with clients to find solutions that increase security while taking advantage of existing structures, staff, and budgets.

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