Security Glass Systems

“We’ve been in the glass business for 34 years but we’ve only been doing bullet resistant work for seven or eight. I’ve worked with a half-dozen other suppliers but workmanship, the best pricing and the shortest lead times.

We recently finished a Level 2 bandit barrier for a utility company office in Spring City, Tennessee. When we bid the job I took measurements and made a rough sketch and sent it to TSS – they had a quote in my hand the same day and the utility company was happy to approve it.

Most of the companies I’ve worked with take four to six weeks to deliver after approval. TSS had our teller lines materials to us in less than two weeks, and everything fit perfectly – our crew didn’t have to change anything.

We make our own bullet-resistant glass, but I often prefer TSS materials to our own. And we used to buy bullet-resistant materials in bulk and cut it ourselves, but TSS pre-routes and pre-drills so well, it saves us time at install.

TSS is nothing but helpful – I’ve never seen a company that goes well out of their way to help us.”

– Ron Grinstead
Security Glass Systems
Manchester, Tennessee

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