Bullet Proof Glass at its Finest

There was recently a story in the news that brought smiles to all of our faces here at Total Security Solutions. What was that story about you ask; the use of a bullet resistant barrier to detour a robber away from a bank in Florida. A burglar comically passed a note through the bullet resistant barrier and told the bank teller to “put your hands up”. The bank teller, standing behind a secure sound bullet resistant system, told the thief to “Kick Rocks”, for lack of better word.

bullet resistant barriers

Bullet Resistant Barriers

The would be robber was flustered and didn’t know what to do, so burglar took the honorable route (if that’s possible for a bank robber) and turned around then walked out the door. The lawbreaker was found a few hours later after being identified from a missing hubcap on the getaway vehicle. The crook didn’t put up any fight (just like in the bank) and admitted to the crimes immediately.

This just goes to show that bullet resistant systems can prevent crooks and robbers from turning violent in an environment that has a high volume of customers. Systems such as the secure sound bullet resistant system are available from Total Security Solutions to help employees and customers feel safer in a high risk environment.

For more information on systems like the secure sound system follow this link for all of your needs.

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