Selecting a Bullet proof Glass Barrier System

The following is a list of items to consider when researching and selecting a bullet-resistant barrier system.

  1. Level of protection: UL Level I to Level III.
  2. Type of system: arch, baffle, or secure sound.
  3. Type of material: acrylic or polycarbonate.
  4. Type of coating: uncoated or abrasion-resistant coating intended to prevent scratching during general cleaning.
  5. Provide a friendly access portal for staff/customer interface by selecting a bulletproof barrier system that promotes natural voice transmission.
  6. Your bullet-resistant barrier system should be free-standing to provide clean, unrestricted site lines enabling surveillance cameras clear access through the system to eliminate check fraud.
  7. All acrylic or polycarbonate edges should be sanded and polished for a clean, professional finish.
  8. For increased security, add ballistic fiberglass in knee spaces and risers.
  9. Slot Louvers added above your bullet-resistant barrier system can increase airflow.
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