Government & Municipal Buildings

How do security professionals protect government and municipal buildings from modern threats?

Infrastructure and security is on everyone's minds. But government and municipal buildings vary widely in terms of threat profile and daily operational use. A rural utility office, where local residents come to pay bills, faces very different security challenges from that of a U.S. embassy abroad.
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Choose the right level of bulletproof glass for your building.

Resistance level 1-8

Goverment Building
Recommended Level 4
Recommended Level 3
Utility Offices
Recommended Level 3
Police Stations
Recommended Level 3

Bulletproof Barrier Experts

At Total Security Solutions, we design bulletproof solutions for government buildings that balance safety, cost and daily operations. Our bullet-resistant doors and windows provide the highest level of protection while still feeling welcoming to employees and visitors.

We can retrofit a bulletproof barrier into your existing building. We take great care to provide accurate estimates and detailed product information so you can choose the right bulletproof components for your project.

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Your 4-Step Process for Maximum Protection

Regardless of your facility type, follow this process for maximum protection and minimum interruption to daily operations:


Talk to your people to uncover blindspots (security guards, maintenance, receptionists)

Choose the right level of UL bullet-resistance based on your threat profile

Talk to bulletproof experts about customizing a bulletproof barrier to fit your location

Conduct regular safety training for everyone in your building

Choose Your Building Type

Protecting Government Buildings

Government projects use higher-security materials, often call for more customization, and are always held to higher, federal building security standards. Total Security Solutions has decades of experience designing, fabricating, and installing complex bullet resistant barrier systems in government facilities around the country.

Bulletproof barriers in government buildings are some of the few that call for UL-rated Level 8 glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP), and not many bulletproof glass companies have the equipment and expertise to fabricate it with precision. It is one of the toughest ballistic laminates on the market, it's over two inches thick and comprised of eleven layers of glass, urethane, and mar-resistant polycarbonate.

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Protecting Municipal Buildings and Township Offices

Municipal building security is critical, but not every building needs embassy-level protection. Courthouses and township offices are adequately protected by UL-Level 1-3 bulletproof glass. Bulletproof installations in municipal buildings and township offices typically focus on creating a professional, modern atmosphere while still maintaining a high level of safety and open communication with the public. When considering courthouse security or city hall security, think about the flow of traffic and how any barriers will affect people's experience with your building and staff.

Custom bulletproof barriers are designed to work with the structural elements of your municipal building to ensure a seamless design aesthetic from the existing architecture to the bulletproof elements, including: 

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Protecting Police Stations and Substations

Many people assume that police stations are safer than other buildings. However, if you think about it, most of the people who work in a police station are unarmed staff. That, along with a rise in recent active shooter events, has fueled an interest in bulletproof barriers and bullet resistant glass for police stations. UL-rated levels 1-3 are the most common levels of bullet resistance used in police stations.

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Government Buildings Rely on TSS for Custom Bulletproof Solutions

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