Protecting Utility Offices

Better Workplace Safety

Utility offices are high traffic locations where people come to pay their utility bills. But what happens when things escalate and your employees are face-to-face with a threatening customer?

Modern bulletproof barriers can provide peace of mind for your staff, while maintaining clear communication with customers.

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Most Utilities offices use Level 3 Bulletproof glass

Best Bulletproof Solutions for Utility Offices 

Bullet-resistant transaction windows have come a long way in looks and quality of communication. The Baffle Interior Transaction window is one of our premier products, offering the best sound transmission available.

Utilities offices can improve physical security standards by using a teller line crafted from countertop transaction windows. Our arch and baffle transaction windows offer full Level 3 protection and crystal-clear natural voice transmission. Add a package passer for packages or equipment exchange.

Quick Installations Across Multiple Locations

Need to install bulletproof barriers at multiple utility office locations? No problem. Our bulletproof experts can coordinate multi-site installations with ease.

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The bulletproof barrier makes [our workers] feel more
secure. I think it made the front look more modern by
adding the bulletproof glass - it is a really nice

Mark Kimbell
General Manager,
Gallatin Department of Electricity

Utilities Gallery

See examples of our work in utility offices around the country.

Piedmont Electric – North Carolina

Returning customer Piedmont Electric Membership Corp needed a customized, ballistic barrier to protect a new utility bill payment center...

Owen Electric – Kentucky

Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc. required an estimate for bullet-resistant barrier systems for five of their Kentucky locations...

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Utility Centers Rely on TSS for Customized Bulletproof Solutions

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