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California Water District – Stockton

Description:  The California Water District (Stockton) retrofit project presented a host of opportunities for the Total Security Solutions’ team to shine. First, the four-story building was 100 years old with a client goal of achieving LEED certification. There were also existing building constraints that needed to be addressed in the design of the bullet-resistant barrier system, including four major support columns and a massive legacy water pump, as they were to be left as part of the overall structure. Finally, an additional feature included in the design was the application of an electrified panic bar (aka crash bar) which is not a standard element in a bullet-resistant system. The finished result was a massive system that integrated seamlessly into a gorgeous facility, integrating functionality with aesthetics for an overall dazzling effect.

Products Used: LP 1250 Polycarbonate Security Glass, Baffle Window System, Bullet Resistant Fiberglass, Overhead Louver