San Francisco Passport Center

Passport Office – San Francisco

Description: At first glance, the San Francisco Passport Office appeared to be a standard bullet-resistant barrier project requiring windows, ballistic fiberglass, and currency trays. Total Security Solutions is very familiar with these requirements because we have installed more than 15 ballistic barrier systems in passport offices throughout the United States. During the course of this particular project, however, it became clear that there were unique challenges demanding a more custom solution.

The building had been completely gutted and the new office needed significant millwork. The client required precision measuring for its bulletproof barrier, and the experience to know at what point during construction to secure these measurements. In most cases, contractors do field measuring before the millwork is complete in order to save time. An experienced bullet-resistant barrier provider, however, understands that you cannot get accurate measurements until after the millwork is done. Know-how and proper timing make all the difference in creating a barrier that is both functional and appropriate for the space. In the case of the San Francisco Passport Office, Total Security Solutions took measurements after the millwork was complete resulting in a seamless design, build and installation.

Products Used: Level 1 Bullet-Resistant Acrylic Security Glass, Stainless Steel Currency TraysBullet-Resistant Fiberglass