Seamless Collaboration Results in Seamless Security: Access Control and Custom Bullet-Resistant Doors

custom built bullet resistant doors

In most cases a buyer will order a door either veneered, or simply primed to be painted on site. For this particular job, they needed a quick, quiet, clean installation. The client also wanted to assure durability, so TSS handled a custom paint job, as well as all of the brass hardware, perfectly matching every other piece in the building. The result: security-rated doors and advanced access control systems, seamless integrated to fade into the background.

Texas Elementary School Partners with Total Security Solutions to Increase Security

bulletproof school barrier

The 2014-2015 school year marked a first for Northside Independent School District, located in San Antonio, Texas, as the students at its newest elementary, Bonnie Ellison Elementary, entered the building through a bullet-resistant glass security lobby. This project, completed by Joeris Construction in partnership with Total Security Solutions, is part of a nearly $8.28 million

Parochial School Retrofits Need a Sensible Security Solution

Higher Education Bulletproof Barrier

In the 21st Century parochial schools have an increasing need for heightened attention to security. Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and other minority religious groups know the sting of prejudice–and that this sting isn’t always limited to just unkind words. In 2013, 60% of religious hate crimes were anti-Jewish, and over the past half-decade an increasing

Crime Doesn’t Pay…Unless You’ve Hit Viral Marketing Gold

Take a real life botched robbery (trust me, you can’t make this video up), add in a catchy little jingle and voila, instant free advertising. Well, okay, not completely free given the cost of replacing the $500 broken window. But come on, are those pajama pants he’s wearing? Following a failed after hours burglary attempt

Retrofitting Hospitals with Bulletproof Glass

A recent fatal stabbing at an Indiana hospital brought the issue of increased violence in hospitals back to the forefront. A 2010 survey conducted by the International Association for Healthcare Security (which includes more than 200 hospitals and specifically asks about violent incidences) found in-hospital crimes rising across the board, with a total of 3,380

Getting Started: Retrofitting a School with a Bulletproof Barrier

Bulletproof_School Entryway

With summer break underway, now is the time that many schools make improvements to their building. Structural improvements can include anything from painting to upgrading the school’s pool. These days though, in the wake of recent school shootings, many school administrators and security liaisons are installing bullet resistant barriers as part of their summer upgrade plan.

Working with Schools on Bulletproof Renovations

Bulletproof School Entryway

If you’re working with a school on a renovation project that includes bullet resistant components, then April is the month to solidify your quote and timeline.  But that process can get derailed by sticker shock.  Most of your clients will only know about bullet resistant materials from movies and television; they may significantly over estimate

Preventable Mistakes for Bulletproof Glass Construction Projects

10 Mistakes Checklist

As an architect working on a project, two of the worst things that could happen are delays and cost increases. When you’re working with materials, you’re not familiar with, the possibility of making a mistake increases. When it comes to bulletproof glass, it’s perfectly normal for Total Security Solutions to work with architects using it

The Anatomy of a Fixed Bulletproof Glass Barrier System

bullet resistant barrier

Architects don’t typically work with bulletproof glass in their construction projects, which means that when Total Security Solutions works with an architect, it is often the architect’s first exposure to the materials. With that experiential deficit in mind, we’ve developed an extensive resource gallery  to educate and assist architects with their projects. When working on

Horizontal and Vertical Sliders: The Unique Security Challenges of Convenience Stores

Vertical Slider

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the advantages of each of the bulletproof barriers most commonly installed in banks, credit unions and government facilities, including the arch window, baffle window, secure sound, and speak hole and backer system. Convenience stores and gas station transaction points, however, require a slightly different approach to security, primarily because