5 Things To Consider When Purchasing a Ballistic Door

Realizing that bulletproof glass and bullet resistant barriers are not something people commonly interact with on a daily basis, the staff at Total Security Solutions is always trying to find new ways to equip our customers with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their barrier purchases. While we have an extensive Architect Resource Area and a Download Center filled with eBooks, checklists, and other great free content, it’s also important to talk about our process. We like working with our customers from the planning process all the way through to installation, so this blog is going to cover an aspect of the work order process that almost always causes delays in your barrier project: getting the correct information about ballistic doors.

While the following call outs may sound like common sense, you’d be surprised to find out how many times our project managers need to get this information reconfirmed before they can alert the production team in our manufacturing facility to get started. Knowing the following information up front helps with a more efficient planning process, and ultimately, allows for a quicker turnaround time.

employee assembling a ballistic door5 Things To Consider When Purchasing a Ballistic Door

Which Way The Door Swings
While this sounds obvious, we need to know if your door swings in or out from the hinge. This fundamental piece of information affects how we manufacture your door.

New Door Hardware
Will you be purchasing new hardware for the door (locks, handles, etc.)?

Existing Door Hardware
Will you be using existing hardware? If so, what is it, what color is it, and what do we need to do to the door to make it compatible with your existing hardware?

How The Door Will Function
How do you want the door to function? For example, will it be locked, will it open and close electronically, will it need to be see-through, will it require a package passer, etc.) Knowing how the door functions and what you’re looking to achieve in your space will allow us to recommend and manufacture the appropriate door for you.

Other Considerations
Are there any local ordinances or fire codes we need to consider when designing the door? Is it a fire exit? The answers to those questions determine the type of door and hardware we would use for your system.

Knowing these things in the planning process of your project will help make your project go smoothly and aid in our usual quick turnaround time.

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