Bandit Barriers As Factor In Bank Robbery Decline

Bandit Barriers have been in the news a lot this week.  It all started with an article by Wall Street Journal beat writer Jack Nicas where he analyzes the decline in the number of bank robberies nationally. Ultimately, Nicas has determined that bank robberies are now a high risk – low reward proposition. According to his article, and his interview on NPR’s All Things Considered, one of the reasons for this decline is the installation of Bandit Barriers. For instance, Wells Fargo saw more than a 70% decrease in bank robberies in the 100 branches they installed Bandit Barriers in 100 Southern California branches.

Does Your Bank Have Bandit Barriers? 

Eight Levels bullet resistance

Does Your Bank Have Bandit Barriers?

The importance of Bandit Barriers as a crime deterrent was further documented yesterday in the Tacoma News Tribune because of a bank robbery ring that is being tried for planning and committing a five-year string of bank robberies in Washington, Michigan, and Ohio. Prosecuting attorneys claim these criminals purposely sought out banks (included what is believed to be ten in Michigan) without Bandit Barriers or security guards. When the perfect bank was decided on, the bank robbers would hop over the counter, steal the money, and be out of the bank in less than two minutes.

Thankfully, these criminals have been apprehended and are awaiting trial for the crimes they’re accused of, but the fact still remains that the banks they robbed would have been left alone if they had Bandit Barriers, or other bullet resistant barrier systems, in place.

If your bank doesn’t have anything in place to deter criminal activity or a possible robbery, a Bandit Barrier is worth considering as a preventative measure.

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