The Benefits of Ballistic Polycarbonate

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On a weekly basis, we see lives and property lost, not just to bombs and bullets, but also to raging wildfires, super-storms, and civil unrest. Good security doesn’t mean reacting to the last terrible event in the news and preparing to stop that specific threat. Total security focuses on training …

Bulletproof Glass Door

Bulletproof Glass Doors for Modern Offices

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“Frameless” all-glass doors are broad and inviting, making them practically the standard for modern offices. Despite these developments in interior design, startlingly few bulletproof doors meet current aesthetic demands while still providing significant safety. In fact, it wasn’t until the last few years that “frameless” bullet-resistant doors were available on …

Is Unbreakable Glass the Same as Ballistic Glass?

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Unbreakable window glass (also known as shatterproof glass) is proclaimed to be the original bulletproof glass. It gets its reputation as “unbreakable” due to the unique way it crumbles upon impact, collapsing into small, harmless pebbles instead of sharp, cutting pieces. Today, this type of security glass pales in comparison …